Tips on Getting the Most out of Chicago

Most people know that there are plenty of things to do in Chicago. I can vouch for that as I have lived here for some time. I personally love to travel, so it pleases me that my hometown welcomes visitors from all over the world. If you’ve never visited the Windy City, it’s definitely something that needs to make it on your bucket list. Here are a few ideas about what to do when you arrive:

1. Go Shopping

You’re probably planning to hit a few shops on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. No trip to Chicago would be complete without a trip to this retail paradise. While there, hop around the corner to the Oak Street shopping district located only one block north. Here, several historic brownstones and other old homes have been converted into shopping boutiques. Even the pickiest fashionistas will find something special to take home from here.

2. Catch a Broadway Show

No, you’re not imagining this one. You can see some of the hottest Broadway shows featuring world-class performers here in my hometown. In 2000, Broadway in Chicago was founded. Since then, millions have been entertained at the organizations five theaters here in the Windy City. If you’ve wanted to experience the best in live entertainment, a trip to Chicago will give you that opportunity.

3. Stay in Comfort

Image via: Hotel Allegro

Image via: Hotel Allegro

Chicago, being a hospitable city, features several excellent hotels. To find something that suits your needs, try a search on Gogobot. You’ll find several historic hotels that have plenty of stories to fire the imagination. New hotels in skyscrapers will afford a beautiful view of the city. Location near attractions you wish to enjoy will be the best amenity here, and there are a lot of great places from which to choose.

4. Eat in Style

Between shopping and enjoying the world-class entertainment of the Windy City, you’ll need a hearty meal. One of my favorite places to eat on Michigan Avenue is RL, the Ralph Lauren restaurant. Located conveniently close to the world’s largest Polo store, this restaurant features a full selection of gourmet, all-American cuisine. In chilly weather, the grilled cheese and tomato soup always put a smile on my face. It’s a great place to warm up on a windy Chicago day.

I hope this article has inspired you to book a trip to my hometown. If you’ve never been here, I’m sure you’ll want to return over and over again. If you’ve been here before, don’t delay in coming back. The Windy City always has new things to offer and plenty of hospitality to go around.